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Máire Rhatigan provides Cosmetic Treatment on the Isle of Wight

Dr Máire Rhatigan is based on the Isle of Wight where she has worked as a Consultant Eye Surgeon in the NHS. Developing her interest in Oculoplastics, eyelid surgery and dermatology, Máire went on to establish Orchard Cosmetic in 2005 which now has an independent clinic in the Isle of Wight's main town, Newport.

Máire’s effective and proven techniques include all the most popular cosmetic skin treatments of today. The advanced technology available to her patients includes Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for Hair Removal, Sunspot (pigmentation) removal, treatment of Thread Veins and Rosacea. Injectable line and wrinkle softeners, and Juvederm filler facelift are also hugely popular treatments at the clinic. These are used to treat Frown Lines, Crow’s Feet, Lip Lines and hyperhidrosis and can be combined with Chemical Peels, Environ vitamin hydration therapy and Jan Marini skin care to give outstanding results.

Máire creates a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere at Orchard Cosmetic's fabulous clinic in Lugley Street on the Isle of Wight . She enjoys helping her clients, restoring their confidence and self esteem with medically approved cosmetic treatments.

Cosmetic treatments can be a contentious subject but I have had a lot of patients who tell me that their lives have been turned around by the boost to their confidence that results from their treatment. I enjoy what I do and the fact that I can do it on the Isle of Wight. My commitment and investment in the Orchard Cosmetic clinic will continue to grow, and I look forward to welcoming new and existing patients over the years to come.

Máire Rhatigan

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