Acne Clinic 

We, at Orchard Cosmetic, are delighted to be an Acne and Rosacea Association UK (ARA UK) Accredited Treatment Centre. This allows us to confidently provide sufferers with accurate information, help and support in achieving the best results from their treatment. Acne is not just a teenage problem. Many people suffer in silence into their 30s and 40s; in fact, 20% of women and men continue to have acne beyond their teens. If we understand acne properly, we can treat it more successfully and even prevent it from occurring.

Benefits of attending the Acne Clinic

  • Acne Clinic consultation with Dr Elsmore, ARA Accredited

  • She will go through a detailed history of your acne and treatments you have already tried

  • You will have a thorough physical examination of your skin as acne takes different forms

  •  A bespoke treatment plan will be prepared for you, perfect for your skin’s individual needs 

  • You will be given a FREE Lumineo LED Blue Light treatment (normal cost £60)

Acne Consultation​ Fee : £50

There are 4 main steps in the pathway to inflammatory acne:

  1. Increased sebum secretion

  2. Build up of dead skin cells forming a partial blockage of the hair follicle (follicular hypercornification) and development of the blackhead (micro comedone)

  3. Overgrowth of the bacterium p. acnes which is present on all our skins

  4. Inflammation and development of pus or cysts

In the acne sufferer, sebum production is abnormally high and the risk of forming blackheads much higher. It is this micro comedone which is the primary lesion of acne and for successful treatment it is essential to target this lesion. We can of course target each of these 4 steps and more besides.

Exacerbating Factors

A number of factors can lead to a break out of acne or may encourage it in a susceptible person.


  • Hormonal Changes: The onset of acne often coincides with puberty with the first bursts of androgens. In women, acne is often worse premenstrually.


  • Contraceptives: Second generation progesterones are the commonest in contraceptives including oral and depot contraceptives and are also in the Mirena coil. These have androgenic effects and can exacerbate acne. In an acne prone woman, changing to a third generation progesterone is often helpful eg Marvalon or Cilest. There are also some directly anti-androgenic pills such as Dianette and Yasmin.


  • High Humidity: With sweat retention against the skin or high humidity, the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin absorb water and swell. This can cause an acute blockage of the hair follicle and an intense inflammatory response and acne occurs.


  • Stress: Physical or mental stress stimulates the adrenal gland leading to production of adrenaline and steroids but also androgens. Unrecognised stress to the body may be responsible for acne flare ups in people who have a low level, non-clinical sensitivity to certain foods including gluten and lactose. It is not unusual for people to report that when they go on a gluten or milk free diet their acne improves. Stress in modern life may also be responsible for the persistence of acne in older age groups.


  • Drugs: A number of drugs may exacerbate acne such as corticosteroids, lithium, anabolic steroids and anti-convulsants.

We understand that acne often has a significant psychological impact on the sufferer. We only offer treatments which have strong evidence of their effectiveness. Alternative medical treatments e.g. long term oral antibiotics, will be available via your GP and Dr Elsmore can also discuss these options with you. Not all acne is the same; it is important that the treatment your skin receives is appropriate for you and your acne subtype. Your skin consultation will ensure you receive a tailored program individual to your needs.

Tebiskin Skin Care

We highly recommend Tebiskin OSK skin care which is supported by the ARAUK with their TripleLock approach to acne control. Tebiskin is medically licensed and the only range of products to meet the criteria of the ideal acne treatment, addressing all four of the clinical symptoms as well as underlying triggers. Dr Elsmore can help identify which products would be appropriate. 

Skin Peels

SkinMed’s Enerpeel Salicylic Acid 30% peel is often used as the cornerstone of acne treatment alongside the Tebiskin products. The unique patented carrier solution transports the salicylic acid AND Tebiskin’s OSK active ingredients into the hair follicles delivering high strength anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory spot busting effects. No other peel can do this. We also have Enerpeel Chest and Back for those with acne in these areas.
Clinical studies based at 5 university hospitals on patients with resistant acne (unresolved acne after 12 months of prescribed medication) were prescribed 4 Enerpeel SA peels, 2 weeks apart in conjunction with anti-acne topical regimen. This achieved a massive 84% resolution rate.

Derma FNS Fractional Needling System

Derma FNS is the latest innovative skin needling system used in acne scarring. Instead of the old-fashioned roller method, this vertical automated method minimises pain and bleeding whilst being able to target even deep acne scars and reduce pore size. 

Lumineo LED Blue Light

Blue LED light has long been know to help with acne. Our Lumineo professional blue light 430nm delivers a clinically proven advanced dose within 10 minutes. This no fuss, no downtime treatment treats acne breakouts as well as reduce further breakouts and calm redness.