Acne Treatment with Fractora

“Successful, non-medication based treatment, significantly reducing the effects of acne on the skin”

Acne is caused by a bacteriological infection. The bacteria aggravate the sebaceous (oil) glands, leading to the over-production of sebum. This builds up under the skin, appearing as red pustules (spots) and inflammation.

Traditionally acne is treated with a long-term course of antibiotics, which in some patients can lead to little improvement in the condition.


Fractora offers the advantage of a non-drug based approach, combining Fractional Radiofrequency and a skin care programme which together destroy the bacterial infection and reduce the inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

The micro-needling and radiofrequency of Fractora is a fast treatment that controls the multiple aspects of acne suffering.

Most patients achieve a significant reduction in the severity and frequency of outbreaks following a course of 3-4 treatments.

At Orchard Cosmetic, the Fractora treatment is supported by a skin care programme from the Jan Marini Skin Research Inc. The result of 40 years of medical research the Jan Marini range is highly developed and has specific products for the treatment of acne. The acne products which contains two skin rejuvenating and re-surfacing agents, work to reduce bacteria and treat inflammation.

Acne is a very personal and complicated condition and studies show that it affects over 80% of the population aged 14 -30. Combining compassion and expertise, Orchard Cosmetic's experienced specialists work with their patients to ensure that the treatment they receive is entirely suited to their individual needs. Expected outcomes will be discussed during the pre-treatment consultation.

All treatments are preceded by a full consultation. There will be time during this consultation to answer any questions or queries you may have about the treatment.



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Clearance of Acne with Fractora

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