Anti-Wrinkle Injections


Minute quantities of Botox® are injected into wrinkle-making muscles, causing these muscles to relax. The result is that wrinkles and lines are smoothed, leaving the treated areas rejuvenated and younger looking. This aesthetic treatment is particularly effective for frown lines, crows feet around the eyes and lines around the mouth.

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There is growing evidence showing the beneficial effect of starting Botox® injections in mid-thirties helps prevent the formation of lines in later years.

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Botox® Treatments take just 10 minutes and you can return to work and normal activities immediately. The effects will become apparent 2 – 7 days after injection, with the full effect being seen within 2 weeks.

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Treatments usually last 3 – 4 months following your initial treatment, however, subsequent treatments can last much longer, with results varying from person to person. Continuing treatments are necessary to maintain the effects of over time.

In addition to the popular frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet, we can also treat gummy smile, jawline and neck with Botox® by precise injections into specific muscles.


In the case of a Gummy Smile, the muscle that pulls the top lip upwards on smiling is injected with a minute quantity of  Botox® which keeps the lip lower on smiling so there is no showing of the gums.

Gummy Smle

Migraine sufferers can benefit from Botox treatment with reduction in the number and severity of attacks. Dr Rhatigan will assess if you are suitable for treatment of your migraine with Botox®

She will advise you how Botox® injections can best help in your individual case. Botox® has an excellent safety profile having been an active treatment for over 10 years in tens of thousands of patients worldwide.

All treatments are preceded by a full consultation. This ensures that each patient receives the treatment most suited to their own needs. There will be time during this consultation to answer any questions or queries you may have about the treatment.