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Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating

Effective treatment to alleviate overactive sweating.

Botox treats hyperhidrosis

Anti-wrinkle Injections can be used bringing relief to the many people suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis - excessive underarm sweating. A non-drug based treatment, Botulinum Toxin is a very pure preparation of protein and when small doses are injected into the skin, which blocks the actions of the nerves that supply the eccrine glands and this prevents the glands from producing sweat. Positive results are generally seen within a week of treatment. In a clinical trial, sweat reduction was reduced by 83% one week after treatment and was reduced by at least half in 95% of patients.*

Our specialists treat patients with understanding and expertise and are highly experienced in the use of Botulinum Toxin for a wide range of medical conditions. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and patients report feeling only a very mild discomfort as the injections are given. It is uncommon for pain relief to be required.


Advice about the treatment and a discussion on the potential outcomes is given during your pre-treatment consultation.

The treatment remains effective for several months and can then be repeated.

*(Source: Allergan Botox Patient Education Booklet, June 2004)

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