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Guidance for your clinic attendance in view of Coronavirus


Please be assured we will do everything possible at the clinic to minimise risk as Covid 19 continues to be in the community.

The following guidance is being provided so that your visit to the clinic avoids extra risk to you or to the clinic staff while the Covid19 crisis continues.


Please observe the following for your visit to the clinic:


  • No foundation make-up or lipstick to be worn

  • Wear a covering over mouth and nose 

  • Have a hair band with you if you have a fringe or need hair kept off face

  • Arrive at your appointment time

  • Come alone to your appointment, it is not permissible to bring children 

  • Avoid touching surfaces as much as possible when you are in the clinic

  • Keep your possessions on your person or in your handbag

  • Hand sanitiser and gloves will be provided when you enter

  • Payment by card preferable 

  • Avoid prolonging visit beyond what is necessary for consultation/treatment

  • so that face to face contact time is as short as possible

  • Do not attend if you are unwell in any way, particularly if you have head cold, cough or temperature

  • Do not attend if you consider yourself a high risk individual

  • Do not attend if any member of your household has Covid19 symptoms


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