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With so many treatments claiming to reverse and prevent the signs of ageing, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. At Orchard Cosmetic, we have the expertise and technology to advise you provide tailored treatments to suit you.

We have chosen HArmonyCA as one of our four cornerstone treatments because it addresses the previously difficult problem of tightening of the lateral cheek.
HArmonyCA is a new filler product from Allergan which combines a filling and lifting effect of one component, Hyaluronic Acid and also has a second component, calcium which ensures the effect is long lasting by stimulating production of collagen.

We can use HArmonyCA to treat the sides of the cheeks which helps to tighten the jawline and softens the smile or accordian lines which form on the cheeks to the sides of the mouth.

What to expect during a HArmonyCA Procedure
The full procedure can take between 45 and 60 minutes. We will apply numbing cream before your treatment commences. The treatment itself involves placing the filler by using a cannula along the upper outer cheek, in front of the ear and at the angle of the jaw. The treatment technique is similar to that used in the Facelift without surgery procedure and HArmonyCA adds to the success and longevity of the facelift result.

Facelift without surgery

Following this treatment with HArmonyCA you may have some swelling and mild tenderness which settles after a couple of days. There is very little or no down-time with this treatment.

How many treatments are required?
HArmonyCA is best used as an accompaniment to the facelift without surgery treatment and only one treatment is required.

How long does HArmonyCA last?
The results last 18 months to 2 years, with the laying down of collagen by the calcium component lasting indefinitely.


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