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Our Skin Care Ranges

Want the look of truly healthy skin?


To complement the treatments available within Orchard Cosmetic and to enable patients to make real differences to the signs of ageing, the leading ZO and Environ skincare ranges of cosmeceuticals have been selected by the clinic.

We can also advise you on making the most of your complexion with the excellent ranges of camouflage make-up which also contain vital sun-protection.


Our skin care expert Miranda Schipper has years of experience advising on how to help your skin be the best it can be and she will help you to invest wisely in your skin care.

Skin care ranges
ZO skin health

These products have been developed to treat a wide range of skin conditions, from the signs of ageing – such as wrinkles and and sun damage – to common skin conditions like acne and rosacea.

Unlike ‘off the shelf’ cosmetics, ZO, and Environ products go to work on the supporting, secondary layer of skin; the dermis, providing skin treatments as opposed to just skin care.

ZO and Environ products are only available from highly trained skin care professionals plus dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.


ZO Skin Health benefits from Dr Zein Obagi’s extensive clinical experience  combining with the latest cutting edge Science Zo Skin Health offers comprehensive skincare products and tailored programs for both physicians and their clients which is suitable for all skin types.

The GSR – ZO Getting Skin Ready regime builds the basis for these specially formulated products to then go on and treat skin conditions as part of a step-by-step regime.

ZO also has a number of correction products for acne, rosacea and skin pigmentation.

Environ AVST with Vitamin A- Light, non-greasy moisturisers containing Vitamin A, C, E and Beta Carotene and powerful and effective anti-oxidants and flavonoids. AVST 1 to AVST 5.

The Environ skin care range, developed by South African plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes, contains high therapeutic doses of vitamin A scientifically proven to reverse sun related skin damage. Research and extensive trials have shown that vitamin A has a corrective effect on skin, smoothing and softening it, whilst at the same time protecting it from the effects of ultra-violet irradiation and free radicals. The most important activity of vitamin A is that it normalises the skin.


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