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Botox Effects Prolong Over Time

Botox is our most popular treatment. Women and increasing numbers of men just can’t get enough of it. Why is this? The popularity of Botox is mostly due to the fact that it really does work. You can get great results, even from our introductory ‘Sprinkle’ dose. What is also amazing is that over time, the effects are cumulative. Those aging lines and wrinkles often never return to how they were before Botox treatment was started. It’s fascinating and amazing that the more you have Botox, the less dose you tend to need and you can have longer time between treatments.

At Orchard Cosmetic we use the Allergan brand ‘Botox’. There are several Botulinum toxins on the market but they have slightly different properties including spread of product and duration of action. I feel that the Botox brand works best and in my experience is the most reliable. It is a delicate product and needs to be handled carefully and can be adversely affected by temperature and storage facilities. We are always extremely careful at the clinic to ensure we have the highest quality products in the optimum conditions.

I think that one of the biggest fears with Botox is to look unnatural. As one of my client’s husbands descriptively put it “like you walked into a sheet of cling film’. It is so important to me to get just the right effect. I do this by listening to what my client wants and agreeing what would look harmonious and appropriate. For instance, an older client would look wrong with a completely smooth immobile upper face especially if there were significant lines and sagging of the mid and lower face. A smaller dose is usually perfect in these circumstances. Younger clients however can look amazing with much higher doses. I aim to keep everything authentic and always bear in mind that beautification is achieved through facial harmony.


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