• Hayley / Miranda

Consultations Count! First Impressions are so important!

Who isn’t nervous when they first walk into a new clinic to talk about themselves, their blemishes and imperfections and all those ageing processes that we are constantly trying to combat?

That is why we at Orchard Cosmetic Clinic constantly strive to put you at ease from the moment you walk in when you will be greeted by our receptionist Emma and taken through to our relaxing and light lounge area. Dr Hayley Elsmore or Ms Miranda Schipper will then take you through to one of our treatment rooms to discuss your concerns and develop a tailor made individual treatment plan. There is no pressure here to proceed directly to treatment and you are at liberty to go away and consider all options before committing to a course of treatment. We want to get it right for YOU!

One of our new clients today remarked on how different an experience she had at our clinic. Welcoming and relaxed were amongst her comments. She was amazed at the level of explanation she was given about the products and how they worked as well as what she should expect from the treatment. Of course there is always a follow up appointment offered and this is positively encouraged for any new clients so we can ensure we are achieving what both we and the client hoped to achieve. We want you to be impressed with our service and expertise.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke detailed consultations and the level of care we give our clients. Make a free consultation and see for yourself!