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Curing the Skin from the Inside Out with Viscoderm Hydroboosters!

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Hydrostretching is the new buzz word around Orchard Cosmetic. This is the action of our new injectable product Viscoderm Hydrobooster. The Italian company IBSA responsible for Profhilo has now delighted us with a dual action hyaluronic acid which hydrates and stretches the skin to reduce the effects of aging.

HYDRO Deep hydration to improve elasticity, radiance and smoothness of the skin.

STRETCH Stretching effect on superficial wrinkles, particularly for dynamic areas of the face such as forehead, temples and around the mouth. 

We love this product as it fits in with our ethos of natural and harmonious results. 

Hydroboosters are injected into the skin in tiny amounts, or microdroplets.

It is a very cohesive gel and moves beautifully with the skin. 

In clinical comparison studies it is twice as effective as other skin boosters in flowability and hydration and is significantly less stiff, making it the ideal skin booster. Studies have also shown statistically significant results in the reduction of wrinkle height and depth as well as skin roughness even 5 months after the first treatment.

Normally the improvement of the wrinkles and lines takes about 3 weeks and then the skin would be reviewed at 2 months. An additional treatment might be required depending on the severity of the original lines. Incredibly the hydrostretch effects can last 6-18 months. Hydroboosters work wonderfully as a stand alone treatment or in combination with Profhilo and dermal fillers. Importantly they can be used in areas where Botox is not advisable, such as in foreheads with heavy eyelids, or for those people who don’t want the reduction of muscular movement that Botox creates. If you want less lines and retain your dynamic expressions then this is a great option.

Aesthetic treatments can be very confusing and there are more and more on the market. It can be very scary to take the plunge which is why we are happy to offer free consultations to assess your needs and take you through all possible treatment options. 


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