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Education with the Master of Fillers

Mauricio de Maio, a Brazilian plastic surgeon, is recognised internationally for his mastery in aesthetic medicine. He is the founder of the famous MD Codes which sets out a template for aesthetic practitioners to follow to achieve reproducible, safe and effective outcomes.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Allergan to Mauricio’s Immersion Masterclass in London and was mesmerised by him for 2 days, where he single handedly worked his way through the MD Codes (of which there are many!) and practical demonstrations. His models were transformed in front of my eyes by precision techniques with a few syringes of filler into beautifully natural, more youthful versions of themselves. I was tempted to volunteer to be one of his models myself!

One of Mauricio’s overriding messages was not to be afraid of adding volume. Volume is what we all lose as we age, causing sagging of the face. Filler injected in the right places can lift and contour the face and indirectly improve all those lines and wrinkles which we tend to focus on. A wonderful visual aid of differing volumes of filler in a tablespoon was used and I want to share that with you. Each MD Code has a volume of filler attached to it, so the more codes required to achieve the desired effect, the more volume needed. Sadly, not everything can be achieved with just one or two syringes of filler, but with good explanation and a step wise approach, so much can be gained. I aim to recreate something of the magic of Mauricio right here at Orchard Cosmetic. Come and be part of it!


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