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Handy Tips!

I was reading The Sunday Times Style Magazine this weekend and was excited to see a 2 page spread about looking after your area which I love to treat but is often overlooked. Most people’s priority is their face which is lavished with attention, from potions and lotions to the finest treatments the aesthetic industry has to offer. Hands however may get the occasional squirt of moisturiser but generally are ignored and then we are surprised when we suddenly notice they appear to belong to a much older person!

Time for a proper hand makeover....

  1. Brown liver spot removal with Lumecca IPL (£125 per treatment). Amazing results and sometimes this is all that’s needed.

  2. Soft hyaluronic acid filler to restore volume to the back of the hand (prices from £250)

  3. ZO Correcting Hand and Body scrub followed by Body Emulsion Plus. Loved by the celebs!

  4. Then finally treat yourself to a deluxe manicure and nail polish...done!


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