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Health and Beauty

What do any of us want more than our health and to feel beautiful? Certainly for me in my mid 40’s both are a priority. The New Year always gets us thinking about ways in which we can achieve a healthier, more balanced life. Shed the excesses of last season and embrace fitness and self care.

Like any working mother, all these good intentions can be quickly forgotten. In reality, you have to squeeze exercise into an already full day. Time is precious, so you have to make the most of it. I was introduced to Chloe Ting, a young You Tuber, who does 10 minute bite sized exercise programs on various needy body parts. She is encouraging in a non patronising way and her reachable goals are able to penetrate through my sleepy state at 6am. Tighter abs and firm butt tick! Try her for a great start to your day....I’m addicted!

We all know what we eat makes a difference to our well-being and is reflected in our skin. Take that to the next level and you may want to try Veganuary. My teenage daughter is trying to help her skin and save the world by committing our family to veganism. Although I have failed dismally to exclude all meat and dairy products in every meal, we are now ‘flexivegan’ Monday to Thursday and feel a lot better for it, both inside and out. Sometimes it takes the younger generation to make us rethink the impact of what we do.

Love our planet, love ourselves and in doing so be healthier, fitter and let that inner beauty show.


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