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Not just for Women.....

There is an increasing proportion of men who are interested in cosmetic procedures. From Botox and Fillers to minor surgical procedures, none of our treatments are just for women.

Men now total up to 40% of clients at London Aesthetic clinics.

Dr Totton was quoted in the Harley Street Emporium as saying '' Men are under increased social pressure to look as young as possible for longer ''

Whether men want to look confident for dating or just to improve self esteem in the work place, cosmetic treatments are on the up.

Certainly Botox for men is on the increase as well as Laser/IPL treatments to clear up red blotchey skin on the cheeks and around the nose that can give the impression of drinking too much alcohol.

It is important that men are careful to select the right aesthetic doctor for their procedure as an in depth understanding of the difference between male and female features is an essential prerequisite to success.

It is crucial to respect these differences otherwise men can end up looking feminine.

Men are welcome to a FREE consultation for full facial assessment at Orchard Cosmetic.

Embrace the future and be the best version of you!


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