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Something New for Women of the Isle of Wight!

It has been an extremely exciting few weeks whilst I have been training for Votiva, the ground breaking vaginal rejuvenation and urinary stress incontinence treatment by Inmode.

Now we can use radiofrequency within the vagina to create the same tightening effects that the beauty industry has been using on the face and body over recent years. Safe, effective and clinically proven, Votiva could be the answer to your feminine health concerns. Wether you have just had a child and worried about vaginal laxity, or if you are post menopausal and experiencing the weakening of the aging vaginal tissues, or if urinary stress incontinence plagues your everyday life and Tena Lady pads are essential, then this remarkable treatment could make a real difference to your life. As a female GP with a diploma in gynaecology, I am very familiar with women’s issues and can safely assess if you would be suitable for Votiva. Research studies have shown a significant improvement in vaginal symptoms, incontinence and sexual matters as well as overall life quality scores. What isn’t to like?


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