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Why we love Retinol!

What is Retinol

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A. It is one of the only ingredients used in skincare that is scientifically proven to slow down the ageing process (SPF is another one).

What is it proven to do

It promotes collagen formation which increases the firmness of the skin. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates on a cellular level, improves skin tone and reduces pigmentation. Essentially it strengthens the epidermis preventing photoaging. Clients who have been on our professional prescribed range of Retinol products liken it to ‘feeding’ their skin as their skin ‘drinks’ it up and is left feeling nourished.

Start low, and go slow

It is important to introduce your skin to Retinol slowly. This is why guidance from a highly trained professional is essential. There are many different strengths of Retinol on the market and used incorrectly they can cause very unsightly uncomfortable reactions, even for those with very tolerant skin. In contrast, when used correctly, slowly gradually increasing the levels of retinol, the skin responds in a way some people describe as ‘like being given medicine’.

Our Retinol range was the brainchild of Dr Dez Fernandes ( a highly revered South African Cosmetic surgeon). He devised the pioneering step up system which we prescribe to our clients. The slow gradual introduction of retinol allows us to build our clients up to very high levels, therefore achieving results that are impossible to obtain in any other way. If clients were to use high doses of retinol without going through the slow gradual guided protocol they would react, then inevitably go back down to a lower dosage or stop using all together wrongly thinking they are allergic or have sensitive skin. The irony is that using the right amount of Retinol is the very thing the skin needs to strengthen it.

Interestingly, clients with sun damaged skins are the ones in most need of retinol, but the most likely to react to it because the sun has depleted their levels to such an extent that there are very few receptors in their skin. The paradox is that your skin needs to contain vitamin a to absorb it.

Did you know

Roaccutane (a pharmaceutical drug) used very successfully to treat acne is a retinoid derived from the Vitamin A family.

Secret weapon

“Vitamin A is fundamentally the most important molecule in addressing sun damage and anti ageing”, says Dr Dez Fernandes. “There is simply nothing else like it''


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