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Super Injectable Moisturiser & Bioremodelling Treatment


"I am so pleased with my Profhilo treatments. It’s about looking in the mirror and recognising yourself. I am often mistaken for being younger than my years and people just can’t put their finger on what has changed about my face! It’s my best kept secret!"

Profhilo is a pure hyaluronic acid for treating skin laxity and improving skin health. Profhilo is not a volumising dermal filler. It is also not mesotherapy. Profhilo is a SuperSkinBooster since it results in fantastic hydration and also triggers collagen and elastin production, resulting in bio-remodelling of the skin and hence dramatically improves the quality of the skin creating a wonderful glow.

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Profhilo can effectively cure wrinkles and significantly improve the quality of your tissues, by boosting the natural production of four different types of collagen and elastin from within the skin. Rather than remaining where it is placed until it naturally degrades, Profhilo spreads and interacts with your tissue and causes it to regenerate. Hence, Profhilo is perhaps best described as a ‘bio-rejuvenator’, ‘bio-revitaliser’ or ‘tissue-stimulator’.


Profhilo offers a weightless Hydrolift effect. It is complementary to other hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and many other treatments.


Profhilo is used not only on the face but also for skin laxity on the neck, décolletage, hands and arms.


Duration of treatment takes 30 minutes and done under a local anaesthetic cream. Recovery time is very little, with only mild swelling and potentially mild bruising at injection sites. This injectable super moisturiser is suitable for everyone showing signs of aging skin, or for those who want an extra skincare boost. The only contraindications are pregnancy and breast feeding. 2 treatments are required initially, 4 weeks apart and then maintenance treatments are recommended every 6 months.


Profhilo was launched in 2016 and has won the award for the best injectable product in Europe in the Aesthetic Industry Awards.

Wrinkly Neck
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