Skin Peels

Facial peeling with the Enerpeel is among our much sought after cosmetic treatments which can offer solutions to many of our common skin problems without causing downtime and the need to isolate oneself. This is a huge advantage over conventional peels which often cause extreme peeling and scabbing. The Enerpeel range of peels used at Orchard Cosmetic have the power to be effective deep inside the skin but without causing the skin to be excessively aggravated in the period immediately after the peel has been done.

A skin peel with the system Enerpeel® is a medical technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the facial skin using a solution that removes layers of old surface skin cells and stimulates the body’s repair processes to remove older skin and produce new skin. The regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin.

There are peels in the Enerpeel range which can be used on very sensitive skin to improve rosacea tendencies, to clear up excess oil production by sebaceous glands and to eliminate the inflammation of acne. Pigmentation which is resistant to IPL can be successfully treated with Enerpeel. The peels in the range include, salicylic, mandelic, pyruvic and TCA (trichloracetic) acids.

Skin peeling has clear advantages compared to physical or mechanical exfoliation: it is effective, efficient, economical and a very comfortable and relaxing experience.

Enerpeel® has been through successful clinical trials and has also been granted a medical device licence, which is a first for a peel. This means it is still available for use by clinicians and therapists but in the knowledge that it has medical device approval.

At a consultation with Dr Elsmore you will have the opportunity to discuss which peel would best suit your needs. Every problem usually has a solution and it is important to choose the right one.

Complete clearance of challenging pigmentation with TCA peel

Pigment spot removed with TCA - before
Pigment spot removed with TCA - after
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